The Pre-School has been established since 1977 and is situated within the Village Hall in North Newton, opposite North Newton Community Primary School. We are a registered charity and are run by a committee, the majority made up of parents and carers.

Our aim is to enhance the development and education of children under statutory school age by treating each child as an individual, giving them the opportunity to develop their independence, confidence and self esteem within a safe, secure and stimulating environment. Every child is unique and our aim is to help each child achieve their full potential in their own time. The main emphasis at Little Steps is learning through play. We provide appropriate learning opportunities for all children and aim to provide inclusive care for all.

The Curriculum

Children are encouraged to take part in as many activities as possible and no child will ever be forced to do an activity they don’t want to do. The room layout and activities enable the children to freely move from one area / activity to another including the outside area depending on their own interests and choices (free flow play). Research has shown that children’s learning is enriched and of a higher quality when their own interests are taken into account.

We have new themes each half term to add variety and depth to the children’s learning, and also take part in community activities such as church festivals and school events as well as organizing our own trips. We have an excellent relationship with North Newton Community Primary School and regularly visit the school to use their playground and share resources and activities such as a visiting theatre company or artists.

During each session we aim to provide toys and activities to stimulate all areas of a child’s development. For example, we use painting, construction, home corner (role play), dough, crafts and use the garden daily whatever the weather! To develop finer motor skills we use crayons, scissors, play dough and construction toys. To encourage social and emotional development we have regular ‘circle time’ where the children are encouraged to tell their news or show items they have brought in from home, as well as dressing up clothes and a ‘home corner’.

All of these provide opportunities for language development where the children can talk freely, to each other and also to adults. In some of these activities children decide how they will use the activity and, in others, an adult takes the lead in helping the children to take part in the activity. By providing a wide variety of activities and equipment we help the children to develop within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Example Daily Routine

Basic Daily Routine (quite often changed around!)

  • 08:50 Doors open
  • 09:00 Welcome &  Free flow play & activity tables
  • 09:30 Register
  • 10:00 Snack Bar open
  • 11:00 Snack bar closes
  • 11:45 Story time
  • 12:00 Morning session children collected by parents/carers & Lunch Time
  • 12:45 Quiet time (½ hour for children staying for afternoon session)
  • 1.15 Free flow play & activity tables
  • 2.30 Tidy up time
  • 2.45 Circle time & story
  • 3:00 Children collected by parents/carers

Above all we want your child to be happy & have the opportunity to grow, learn and develop.


All our staff are qualified to level 3 in Children’s Care Learning & Development (CCLD) and the manager holds a level 4. All staff have current 1st Aid qualifications and have a current Data & Barring Scheme (DBS) check. We are able to accommodate a maximum of 24 children during each session. Children can start Little Steps Pre-School from the age of 2 years and will qualify for Nursery Education Funding from the term following their 3rd birthday. There is also funding available for some 2 yr olds depending on circumstances.