Little steps recognise that children’s social interaction is important from a very early age, and that being able to mix with others in a safe environment stimulates imaginative play that we enrich with the right equipment. As a result we have our own specific toys geared to the younger child, but still have access to all the activities needed to stretch young minds, such as paint, clay and water play that are usually just provided for pre-school aged groups.

Little Steps Toddler Group operates every Friday from 09.15 - 11.45 in the Village Hall

Mums, Dads, Grandparents and carers are part of our group too, and enjoy staying and making friends while their children play and form their own friendships. Having one of the pre-school staff running the toddler group is an ideal way of making links between toddlers and pre-school therefore ensuring a smooth transition if your child does move on to Little Steps There is a link with our Pre-school in their outings, parties and festivals as well as fundraising together. Fees for the Toddler Group are £3.00 per family, per session, which also includes refreshments for everyone and is payable on the day on a ‘pay and play’ basis - no need to pre book.

If you would like more information on this group please do not hesitate to contact us